Monday, January 7, 2013

Response To Lois Tyson's Gay Criticism

I do not agree with Lois Tyson’s “Will the Real Nick Carraway Please Come Out?” She takes the most minor signs that could usually be found in any work and uses them to call almost the entire cast gay. She starts by pointing out that, “These two young women are a striking example of same-sex ‘doubles’ that function as lesbian signs.” To that I ask, can two women not be friends? Can they not wear the same color without being called lesbian? She then calls a pink suit a “gay sign”. “An Oxford man!... Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit” With the quote she provided, it sounds more like a pink suit is closer to pathetic as it is to gay, the pink suit just looks dumb because a true “Oxford man” would wear a black suit for example. Finally, she supports all of this by saying that, “Jordan Baker, whose name could belong to a man or a women,” is hinting on her being gay after having relations with Nick Carraway, who is also somehow supposed to be gay. The details that she points out in her reading are just too flimsy to prove to me that the characters are gay.

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