Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yes, I agree with Lois Tyson’s psychoanalytical reading of The Great Gatsby. While I was reading Gatsby I saw some of this, I did not pick out everything that Tyson did, but when I was reading it I got some of it, at the time I did not know that it was psychoanalytical reading but what it sounds like to me is when a person knows that there mate is dating someone else and they don’t break up or talk about it with them then it seems like they are okay with it, and if they are okay with it then that means that they don’t care enough about the relationship or their “spouse” for them to put an effort in to it and stop them with getting involved with someone else. If they is getting involved with people they are not in a relationship with then they will be getting closer to that person and drifting from their “spouse”. On page 43 of CTT, written by Lois Tyson, she quotes Daisy. Daisy is all over Nick, and then when Nick leave she is all over Gatsby, neither of which are with Daisy. “Daisy’s artificial behavior toward the child” the child being Pammy. Daisy fear of intimacy goes past her relationships with men and into her relationship with her child, some one trying to say this it not fear of intimacy does not know what it means. Daisy distances herself from anyone trying to get close to her by getting closer to someone else, or by letting someone who could have been close to her, Tom, get closer to someone else, Myrtle. Then on page 45 Nick says that he “wasn’t even vaguely engaged” just this example alone shows that Nick wouldn’t have even thought about engagement, maybe it was just the person that he did want to marry but it seems that he wanted out of any relationship that was getting too serious, and this one was, so he left. On page 49 Gatsby famous words are “Can’t repeat the past?... Why of course you can!” Tyson says “Perhaps the most difficult case to make for fear of intimacy is the case for Gatsby”. I disagree with Tyson because I think Gatsby’s case is is easy to make a case for. Gatsby has not seen Daisy in forever, Daisy is in a relationship, even though she is coming on to Gatsby as well and also has a fear of intimacy, Gatsby is so far away from winning daisy over. He has to know that he does not have a chance with her, so I think he is just reaching for her because he knows she won’t ever be close to him.

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